Married But Horny 14 sd-31121 Linda Lora Lucy Tarra

女优: Linda  Lucy  Tarra  Lora   
片商: Swank Digital
番号: sd-31121
发行日期: 2016-11-03
分钟: 0/d 分钟
: 4883

Don't know what's wrong with me. I'm horny all the time! My husband and I have been married a couple of years. At the office where we work my duties are light as he is my boss. The problem is that he's always gone somewhere for business. There is that dude around who has been giving me the eye. He wears tight pants; I can see that huge bulge at the right spot. He sure wants me! As hubby will not be back for a while, I'm desperately in need of a big stiff cock. This shouldn't have happen, but it did! The hot guy was suddenly all over me and had his hard tool deep in my cleavage. I lost control and swallowed his dick. I thought he would be satisfied with a blow job. Should have know better!. He laid me on my desk, ripped off my pretty lingerie and rammed my pussy, and then my ass. Now I'm a slut! I'm a cheating wife, but I know I'll get fucked by that animal every single day 'til hubby gets back!

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